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AERA Diesel Tech Bulletin | Kubota Oil Pump Caution

Oil Pump Gear Mounting Caution on Various Kubota Diesel Engines

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on oil pump gear mounting caution for
various Kubota diesel engines. This information applies to the Z482, D662, D722 & D782 engine models.
It’s been reported earlier service manuals may not include a listed torque value for the oil pump gear
mounting nut.
Later, published service information may be applied to these engines, noting there are possibly different
values according to engine serial numbers listed below. Observe the photo and chart below to mount the
oil pump and gear for these engines.

1. Crankshaft Gear5. Oil Pump
2. Crankshaft Oil Slinger6. Oil pump Mounting Screws, 13-16 FT/LBS (18-21 Nm)
3. O-Ring7. Oil Pump Gear,
a. Torque Nut to 36-41 FT/LBS (49-56 Nm) for Engines Below Serial #4EHZ999
b. Torque Nut to 29-32 FT/LBS (39-45 Nm) for Engines Above Serial #4EHJ0001
4. Crankshaft Collar

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