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Turbo Diagnostic Tools for Failure Analysis & Remedies

Turbochargers play a crucial role in the performance of diesel engines, and most of the issues related to them can be attributed to a limited number of causes. Familiarizing oneself with the common symptoms of these problems and identifying their root causes can help reduce downtime and expenses. To avoid further damage and engine failure, Holset has developed guidelines to accurately determine the underlying cause of turbocharger failure.

It is important to note that approximately ninety percent of all turbocharger failures are due to the same factors. Therefore, it is essential not to assume that the turbocharger is the sole culprit when encountering engine performance issues. Other factors, such as poor fuel quality, air leaks, inadequate maintenance, or malfunctioning sensors, can also cause poor engine performance. Therefore, a thorough diagnosis is crucial to identify the root cause accurately.

By understanding the most common signs and causes of turbocharger failure and taking appropriate measures, such as following Holset’s guidelines, engine operators can ensure that their engines operate efficiently and prevent future turbocharger problems.

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